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About us

About Medical Equipment Repair

Medical Equipment Repair caters to large institutions and laboratories as well as small rural health practices and clinics. .

Locally Owned Company

We are the only locally owned company that serves the Palouse and Inland Northwest region which means that your tax dollars stay in Washington and Idaho.

Catering to Large and Small Practices

We cater to large institutions and laboratories as well as small rural health practices and clinics. A few of our clients include Gritman Medical Center, Moscow; Washington State University, Pullman; Lewiston Orthopaedic Institute, Lewiston among others.

Reduced Costs

With OEM planned obsolescence of costly equipment, our primary objective is to assist healthcare providers in controlling costs by offering high quality repair and preventative maintenance of new and existing equipment. Our parts supplier's quick turn-around time enables us to repair a variety of equipment on time and within budget. Our ability to source parts from numerous vendors and rebuild "obsolete" equipment helps our client companies control costs by keeping their present equipment in peak operating condition and running longer.

Expert Technicials

Our customers consistently tell us we save them nearly half of their maintenance and repair costs over the manufacturers. In addition, we are able to extend the service life of costly equipment. The advantage of less downtime directly translates to reliable surgical and laboratory schedules and improved quality of service. Let us keep your equipment ready to pass the next inspection. Our preventative maintenance and repair services pass all JACHO and state inspections. Our maintenance documentation reporting service surpasses CDC requirements. Our technician's continuing education is provided by Washington State Biomedical Association through Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, Washington.

Additionally, we provide

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